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Until Saturday

Tue Oct 14, 2008 1:29 pm by Hoster

The server will be down. Sorry guys my parents didnt tell me they didnt pay the internet bill on time so my net at home is down until my mom pays the bill... I'll make it up to everyone when I get it …

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Have you ever played Wlofenstein: Enemy Territory

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Have you ever played Wlofenstein: Enemy Territory

Post  KuBcIk on Sat Oct 18, 2008 8:42 am

I have nice FPS! I have played this for 2 years! Its great game:)


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Re: Have you ever played Wlofenstein: Enemy Territory

Post  Egobrain on Sat Oct 18, 2008 9:59 am

I played it like 2 years ago, and played it for 3 years, being in eurocup and worldcup. But after our guild broke up ({WickeD}) i quit. our site is still up, we just dont operate in et anymore, what is sad. Sad ( if u r curious about our guild Razz)
But the truth is that nowadays enemy territory isn't the same as it used to be when i played it. I tried it about a year ago, and it had changed so much that it made me feel sad.. Punkbuster is way too idiotic, thinkabout it.. When my mates launched et from XFire, punkbuster recognised xfire as a aimbot program, and banned them so they never could get back to game.. And no, if ppl tries to tell me that "omg change ip and it's solved!" lol, it doesnt work like that. pb is di*k enough to ban your mac address, which can be changed, but pb will wind out the new address and ban it also. Tho there's rumours bout kernelspoofer, which changes your mad address every second or so, what protects you from being banned. But that program costs money.

Sorry, i started to whine about punkbuster. XD Excuse me.

But ye, i have played it, and it was good game until our guild broke. And nowadays, there is no good server out there..


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